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My name is Elliot and I am a seven-year old golden doodle, which makes me a very smart dog. While my human companion Marek claims to do some of the work on this site and my cookbook make no mistake I have him trained. It took some time, but eventually he figured out how to make the best homemade dog treats!

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Finding the right recipes for dogs resulted in a lot trial and error for my person, but eventually he figured out the right dog treat recipes that make me sit up and beg.


You may be saying to yourself, Elliot how do I make dog treats.

What are the best recipes for dog cookies?

What are some simple dog biscuit recipes?

How complicated is it to make dog cookies?

Why does my dog go bonkers for peanut butter dog treats?


No worries my friends, if I can train Marek I can certainly help your human figure it out too. Be sure to check out my upcoming cookbook, which will be available on Amazon very soon. It was not easy typing it up without thumbs! In the cookbook, I share my favorite homemade dog treat recipes.


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Healthy Dog Biscuits Recipe


Every body loves eating cookies but we dogs appreciate, getting fed with, them the most. With ingredients such as peanut butter(yum!), bacon, and carob in these dog biscuit recipes can make our tails wag all day long. Healthy homemade food is very important for us dogs. Avoid feeding us with commercial foods as they contain artificial ingredients which ruin our health in the long run. By creating homemade dog treats you will be able to provide us with a healthy snack which is not only nutritious but also free from any unhalthy additives or preservatives.

I will tell you of such a recipe that we dogs would not be able to resist at all. This recipe is the guide to making basic dog biscuits for us which you can easily make at home without the need of too many complicated ingredients. The ingredients used in this dog treat are readily available in average homes and if not you can fetch them from a nearby departmental store.  This recipe is quite inexpensive and easy to make, even that your children can make it themselves.



1. 2 and a half  cups whole wheat flour ( substitute regular wheat if your dog is sensitive to it)

2. 1 tsp of salt

3. 1 egg

4. Half cup of hot water

5. 1 tsp Beef or Bouillon granules ( substitutes beef or chicken broth)

You can add optional add ins like bacon or chicken broth, oats, liver powder, eggs, shredded cheese, wheat germ, bacon bits.



1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

2. Readily dissolve bouillon in hot water

3. Add all the remaining ingredients to the mixture and stir it up

4. Knead dough for approximately 3 minutes until it forms into a ball

5. Roll the dough ball until its half an inch thick

6. Cut the rolled dough into slices or dog shaped bones. For dog shaped bones you can buy a boned shape cookie cutter from a nearby store.

7. Place the cut slices of dough on a lightly greased cookie sheet

8. Cook it for approximately 30 minutes

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Take out the dog biscuits after 30 minutes and leave them to cool down for another 20 minutes. If you want to store these dog treats you can put them up in the freezer to serve in the coming days. Make sure you keep the dog biscuits in an air tight container before you put them in the freezer. Dog biscuits can last up to 6 months in freezers so you don’t need to worry about anything.

You can also personalize these dog treats by writing our names on the dough before baking them. Sure we don’t understand what it says but aenhh who cares? As long as the cookies are delicious.



As you very well know that we dogs are quite sensitive towards new foods and catch allergies very quickly.

To make sure that our health stays good keep a check on any allergies that we are susceptible to towards specific ingredients. Avoid using any ingredient in your recipe that you know that we have reacted poorly to in the past. The best way to check an ingredient’s effect on us is to feed it to us in a very little amount and see its effects on us. If our body responds well enough to the specific ingredient can you can distribute the entire dog treat to us without any worries.


Remember the best dog treat recipes recipes come from your own kitchen so step up and put a muscle into learning new homemade recipes for your dog.

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